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About Hanni

I began drawing at the age of three when I barely had the motor skills to properly hold a pencil. When I was asked why I drew so much, three-year-old me said "because I have to" and this is still true today. By age 11, I felt a need for more color in my life and traded in a pencil for a paintbrush. Although I had an early interest in art, I never went to art school and instead chose to study English Literature (my other passion) at UNC-Greensboro. What I love about both art and literature is that they remain meaningful and enjoyable even after the artist or author is no longer living. Some of my greatest teachers are people who lived and died centuries before I ever breathed my first breath. As much as art is about beauty and creativity, I think art is ultimately about establishing a connection that transcends time and space.

I like to explore as an artist which is why I don't stick to one particular medium, style, or subject. My specialty is drawing and painting portraits but I also try my hand at other subjects (animals, landscapes, flowers, etc.) because I believe some form of beauty exists in everything.

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Hillsborough, NC

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